Sunday, September 21, 2008

The last voyage

My dad and I went out for one last ride on the boat this afternoon. He is donating his boat to charity and the eBay auction ended yesterday so it will soon be on its way to a new owner. I couldn't have asked for a better afternoon to enjoy one final cruise.

Monday, September 15, 2008

The Yankees win!

Steve and I were lucky enough to have two Yankee tickets fall into our laps this weekend. Luckily they were for Sunday's game which was an absolute gem---if you're a Yankee fan that is! It was our first game of the season---our last in the old stadium. I'm so glad we made it back one more time.

Oh, the magic of the Matsui cookie!

The power of the "Stache"!

This view will make way for a new one. Until next year...

Sunday, September 7, 2008

A mosaic masterpiece

World renowned mosaic artist Father Marko Rupnik, director of the Centro Aletti in Rome, and his team of 15 artists spent two weeks at the end of August installing the mosaics into the new Chapel at Sacred Heart University in Fairfield. This special group of spiritual artists went to work straight away, working diligently during that time, rarely taking time for a break. It was truly inspiring to get to know them and document their holy work.

The artists laid out large pieces of plastic on which were drawn the basic outlines of the mosaic design.

The artists held up the plastic overlay for positioning purposes.

Most of the figures were pre-made back in Rome and shipped to the Chapel. Apparently, every one of their projects starts with positioning Christ's face.

Father Rupnik directs his artists and has mastered the use of his laser pointer.

Literally hundreds of thousands of stones were used during the installation.

Father Rupnik made a drawing in preparation for creating a new apostle----one that was left behind in Rome by accident.

Lunch is the biggest meal of the day for this group from Italy. It was fun to capture them enjoying their meal and taking a much needed rest.

Back to work.

With the scaffolding gone, a true masterpiece was revealed.

Work continued in the smaller Chapel of the Blessed Sacrament and on the altarpieces that will be installed later.

The tours of the Chapel began. Most were awestruck.

Father Rupnik began every day with mass at 7:30 on campus.

Application of the gold leaf began in the small Chapel.

It was an honor to witness the creation of these beautiful mosaics. Father Rupnik and this team left a bit of their artistic spirituality behind in each of the stones that hangs on those walls. They are truly blessed to be able to do this work.